Here you can find ecological linseed oil soap, Aleppo soap and Marseille soap to clean your tools or simply to take care of your wooden or stone surfaces.

Linseed oil soap is an universal soap and ideal for hands, kitchen, bathroom, tiled and wooden floors. The soap is perfect to clean brushes and leaning of metal before applying a coat of paint.

(Incl. 16% tax)
Baseprice: 15.90 / l
Brand reine Leinölfarben

soap is ideal to clean brushes and textiles

(Incl. 16% tax)
Baseprice: 17.50 / kg

100% olive oil, pure vegetable soap; without Palm oil and preservatives

(Incl. 16% tax)
Baseprice: 29.75 / kg

to cut soap in to smaler pieces

(Incl. 16% tax)