White Colours

Fiorentino is a thick paint based on natural lime with strong cohesive power and producing a slightly rough surface.  It is made with aged slaked lime, marble powder and siliceous sand which makes it stable over time and due to its microporous quality, allows the walls to breathe.  It has a strong capacity of cohesion on plasters and setting coats composed of natural hydraulic lime and slaked lime.

On lime plasters, apply Fiorentino directly, after spraying the surface with water.

Dilute 10-15% for the first coat and for the subsequent ones, allowing at least 6-8 hours between coats. Make sure the underlying layer is dry. Apply with brush. 

Coverage : 6-8 sqm/lt  per coat.

For in internal and external walls.

(Incl. 19% tax)
Baseprice: 9.99 / l
Brand Spring Colour